Cancellation of the Major Panafrican Concert for Term Limits

Tomorrow was supposed to be held the Major Panafrican Concert for Term Limits. As we
did not receive the approval of the Prefecture of Dakar, it is with great regret that we
announce the cancellation of this concert. We would like to thank all the people who have
shown interest in this citizen initiative and who have responded positively to our invitation,
as well as our partners who are accompanying us in this adventure. Our campaign does not
stop here! The eleven African artists who have committed themselves to this campaign are
more determined than ever in their commitment and will present you in the coming weeks
a song celebrating democracy, good governance, and term limits in Africa.

This morning, during a press conference, the team of this campaign called on the Senegalese
authorities to support us in the realization of this concert. Unfortunately, after hours of
hopeful waiting, we still haven’t received the authorization from the Prefecture of Dakar. We
are therefore forced to confirm the cancellation of the concert, as we can no longer guarantee
the arrangement of the hall provided for this purpose.
We have carried out similar events in Benin, in the presence of President Patrice Talon, and in
Botswana with the support of President Mokgweetsi Masisi. We are therefore surprised by
the silence of the Prefecture of Dakar, which is a serious infringement of the freedoms of
expression and association.
However, our campaign does not stop here. In the coming weeks, artists Meiway, Didier
Awadi, Nourrath la Debboslam, Nanda, Amen Jah Cissé, Léman, Don Stash, Lyne des Mots and
Momo Kankua will launch the video for the official song of the Citizens’ Campaign for Term
Limits. We invite you to stay tuned for the release of this song which is the result of several
months of work.

Friday, September 16, 2022
President, Tournons La Page

Press contact: Moyra OBLITAS
+33 7 56 27 77 69

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